Ask questions

If I’m not finding the answer to a question, like “How can I feel better?”, try the opposite question eg “What would I have to do to feel worse?”, or even “What do I need to do to stay right where I am?”, or “What would I need to have done to get where I am?”. Sometimes the answers are much more interesting!

Where are you on a scale of 0 (worst ever) to 10 (best ever)? If not 0 … why are you NOT a zero? What’s stopping you being at zero?

What if this isn’t a problem? What if I’m totally not getting what’s going on here? What else is possible?
Am I seeing this all wrong??
What questions do i have for my HP today?
What if it’s not about finding the right answer, but taking away the wrong one?
What if everything I know about this is wrong?
What if I just got really curious?
What am I making up about this? What am I pretending is true?
Do I want this?
What does your anxiety need in this moment? To be fixed, or to be heard and cared for?
What if I’m meant the do less, not more? What if being bigger in the world is not the goal? What if I’m meant to be smaller? Or make others bigger? What if the world doesn’t need fixing?

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