giving up the concept that I know what’s going on

Having yet again had it pointed out to me (thanks, Life!) just how completely wrong I’ve been (Jonathan, Sharon Key, blah blah blah), and realising just how much I made my life miserable, I’m now so excited by the possiblity of giving up the concept that I know what’s going on. Imagine: I feel like crap, and instead of going “Oh, I know, I’m depressed”, I just go, “I feel like crap” and go to bed. And when I wake up, who knows? And the idea that if I’m confused about what’s going on, that I can work it out by thinking about it – how crazy is that? “If I can work out what that person thinks of me … ” … ha ha ha! Imagine how it would be to not think that … to be with that person, totally open to whatever they’re doing or saying in the moment. It’s where all our diagnosis and judgement come from – the attempt to kid ourselves we know what’s going on, that we have some control over it. And that’s Part B … giving up the concept that even if I knew what was going on, I could control the outcome of it (including other people’s thoughts and beliefs). 

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