How to change negative beliefs

OK, so you’ve worked out what your faulty thinking is … but no matter what you do, it still keeps showing up, and affecting your life in negative ways? Yeah, me too, for many years. Just knowing about it isn’t always enough. So along the way I’ve tested a zillion tools to change beliefs, most of which just didn’t work – affirmations, for a start (“I totally love myself” … “No I don’t” … I totally love myself … No I don’t).  I found a few which DO work, and for which I’m forever grateful.

Byron Katie‘s “The Work”, also known as The Four Questions, is one of the best. …

I learned from Don Miguel Ruiz, in The Voice of Knowledge, not to believe a thought just because it popped into my head …

I read Open Heart Therapy by Bob Mandel in the 1980s, and he has a simple exercise for challenging beliefs – read about it here.

Inner Relationship Focusing is one of my core techniques these days. It’s not a belief changing thing, per se, but it shifts things inside in a profound way, allowing the beliefs to change themselves.

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