Make a depression kit

Idea for my sometimes-depressed friends (including myself):

We need to make a kit for those times we go down that slippery slope, containing:
a) photos of ourselves in outfits we look good in, so we can choose what to wear (cos I can’t for the life of me work out what looks OK when I’m depressed)
b) a list of totally simple meals (frozen pizza, etc), for when our brains can’t work out how to feed ourselves and our kids
c) a shopping list with *exactly* the things for those meals and anything else you’ll need, including brands (to stop that whole indecision thing)
d) a list of inspiring quotes or thoughts that help (eg for me it would contain the one about how some things you can learn when you’re happy, but other things you can only learn when you’re not … that helps me see a purpose for my depression and accept it more)

e) a letter to yourself about what’s worth living for.

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