Make an emergency tidying plan

have an emergency tidying plan, for when it’s overwhelming you. For me, that might be sweeping everything off my desk into a big box and putting it under the desk. I know I’d have to pre-plan where I’d find a box too!!
And note that even this may not be doable, it depends how far down in depression you are. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP if you can’t do it. Just work on accepting it. Your depressed self is a tiny lost kitten who’s been out in the rain … be gentle and loving with her.
When you’re depressed is NOT the time for working on all those glaringly obvious bad things that you can see so “clearly” when you’re depressed – this is not about getting the house cleaned up. It is about reducing the overwhelm you’re feeling. It’s about getting the crap out of sight so you can rest more easily for a moment.
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