Morning routine

step 1: listen to this …


    check in with all of me

    What would other parts of me like? eg my inner child, my "productive" self, my inner critic etc (remember that I don't have to do as they request ... but I need to hear them)

    notice the good


    What needs were met, and not met?

    What’s one small way I could meet any of those unmet needs today?

    What’s still left over from yesterday?

    (TO DO: Link to my Toolkit if I need to process it)

    Who or what am I angry at?

    Who or what am I afraid of, or nervous about?

    Who or what am I avoiding?

    What went well?

    What didn’t go so well, and how might I do it differently next time?

    Do I owe an amends? Is there anything to clean up?

    What do I need to think about that’s coming up? (I forget to plan!)

    random journaling

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