Reduce world suck

Many years ago, as a teenager, I despaired of ever finding a way out of the pain I was in. I eventually decided that, if I couldn’t reduce my own pain, then perhaps the next best thing was to reduce the overall amount of pain in the world. Are you lonely? Find someone more lonely, and help them. Are you anxious? Find someone just as anxious as you, and help them feel safe. Think the world is ugly? Print some beautiful photos and pin them up in random public places.

(Many years later I heard author John Green express the same concept, with the phrase “reduce world suck”. I love that!)


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  1. Tracy Baker lawrence

    These are really powerful tips for people who are struggling. Im so grateful to Julie for creating this resource, based on the decades of research she has done, and her won expereience of how crippling depression can be, and the sharing of her own pain. I work as a therapist and my clients will benefit so much from these helpful, understanding compassionate suggestions. People with depression need connection and understanding and compassion and that’s what you feel with Julies posts. Thank you so much. This is a really important rich resource.

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